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Thesis Show at Hampshire College, 2018

 mixed media installation in which worlds seen on TV came to life.

Travel Time 

original song by Clara Gainer and Jake Lichter

What if my rug was a door?

What if I fell through the floor?

I would see things I've never seen before

I would leave this world and look for more

Planets and moons galore

Journey to the earth's core

Sea creatures swim offshore

Alligator carnivore

I am gonna see more

I am gonna see much more

You can call me Seymour...

tour of the gallery

Hampshire College, April 13-14 2018

ocean scene, as seen on TV under the sea
located in the gallery

music performed by Jake Lichter


Hello, My shadow!

as seen on TV in the shadow world

located in the gallery

16 mm

music and lyrics by Clara Gainer

if my rug had been a door

if i had fell through the floor

i'd have left this world

but you'd come with me

when i turn around

in certain lighting

hello, my shadow!

shadow, hello!

illustrated worlds: backgrounds from Travel Time music video

gallery pamphlet

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